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This was on wide oval tires through factory thrush mufflers. Included in this sale is another, albeit rusty and rough, authentic sc rambler with a very large trove of parts. The amc scrambler was produced in conjunction with hurst, giving it true street cred. The american was the second incarnation of amcs forerunner nash motors. Extremely rare a scheme 69 amc hurst scrambler for sale. The seller also believes it may have been resprayed, though markings, colors and decals look on point. Amc took the mildmannered rambler and turned it into a drag racing superhero, and this 1969 amc hurst sc rambler tribute car honors all the best of that. Clear az title shows box a 33k, speedo shows same, its probably the real mileage by the condition of the car. Only 1,512 scramblers have been produced during that fateful 1969, and large part of them came in b scheme recognized by a thin red and blue stripes below the waist. With only 1,512 examples being built, the amc hurst sc rambler is a rare piece of machinery. This is the sc rambler online registry, and this is the sc 360 hornet registry. This led to the sc hurst rambler, sc meaning super car. This is what amc used in 1968 for their new little super car.

Four speed shift boot excellent reproduction with steel plate as original 970 2a. The increase in parts inquires prompted me to quit the construction job and began a full time amc rambler parts store. These 10 cars were used for test drives and road tests. Hundreds of photos of both cars and parts may be found in my photobucket library. I have a number of photos here of several vehicles, one is a very early production sc rambler. This would help propel the radically handsome little box. The 1969 amc hurst scrambler was based on the compact. The low weight of the rambler and v8 power made it a force to be reckoned with. In 1969 the model number 01 is v8 rambler americans and model number 10 is v8 rebels. Fine art print, 1969 amc hurst sc rambler scrambler, 16x20.

The original amc part number for the plastic bushing brake pedal to link was group 8. Find out how much a 1969 amc rambler hurst sc is worth and amc rambler hurst sc used car prices. Thepaint and body on this are in very good shape, granted not perfect, but clean and rust free and great 2 footer. All cars had a 390ci 315hp engine with 4speed transmission. One of the muscle car era most visually arresting examples was a special model was produced during 1969 in collaboration with hurst performance, the. Up for auction is my 69 amc rambler sc hurst scrambler. The rambler american is a compact car that was manufactured by the american motors corporation amc between 1958 and 1969. This sc rambler was discovered in a barn, but is now up for grabs here on craigslist in st. It a true hurst rambler scrambler with the x in the vin and behind the steering box, scheme paint. Read the full story about the collectible classic 1969 12 amc hurst scrambler all american muscle car at automobile magazine online. It is painted as a tribute to the rare amc hurst sc rambler,aka scrambler.

Hi all, this group is to share restoration information, stories, parts available. I set a quarter mile ds record in my 1969 sc rambler at 12. Get the best deals on parts for 1969 amc rambler when you. Terri was able to retire to bookkeeper only and that usually was a saturday only task, a much. Being just the second owner of this pristine original, steve had to do very little to bring it back to show quality. For most of its life, american motors with resources far more limited than the big. The mid90s revolutionized the amc parts endeavor as our son, benjamin, stepped in to work on developing an internet presence. There are 2 1969 amc scramblers for sale today on classiccars. Amc built just a handful of these cars, specifically 1,512, designed for use in the nhras fstock drag racing class.

Hi bob, the radiator in my original sc rambler and listed in the amc 67 to 72 parts book, f14072, is a blackstone radiator part number 319 4331 for 1969 01 and 10 v8. We like the real hurst cars, but nobody drives them, and this one can likely be had much cheaper and will be a better performer. The cars 315hp, 390cid v8 breathed through a single fourbarrel carburetor, and it could rocket the scrambler to 60 mph from standstill in the 6second range, with quartermile times in the low 14s. Amc took the timehonored muscle car route, putting its biggest engine in a compact body, and with help from hurst, created the 1969 amc scrambler. Mar, 2015 amc took their compact rambler, stuffed a 390 v8 in it, and strapped a hurst shifter to the 4 speed transmission. The only one on the market was a very bad repo full of pinholes and very incorrect. Our value guide is constantly growing with pricing informat. Kayla foerster this is the state of my door panels shouldve seen them before i spent days scrubbing years of built up grime from being store underground with the windows down that ill be working on this winter.

Amc took the mildmannered rambler and turned it into a drag racing superhero, and this 1969 amc hurst scrambler tribute car honors all the best of that. The first 10 scramblerhurst examples were sent to noted amc engine tunerbuilder and racer h. Laugh if you will, but the 1969 amc hurst scrambler could blow the doors off some pedigreed muscle cars. The rambler hit peak performance in its final year of manufacture with the supercar version known as the sc rambler. Also fits regular amx, javelin, rebel, and ambassador with the 390 4spd. This 1968 amc rambler has been given a thorough restoration in the style of the hurst sc rambler cars, but might be even better given its fuelinjection and 5speed transmission upgrades. Just removed the factory coils springs from my 1969 sc rambler. Amc didnt officially show the scramblerhurst car to the public until the chicago auto show in march of 1969.

Add a totally overthetop redwhiteandblue paint job and a towering intake scoop and you have the pick of the day, a 1969 amc hurst sc rambler, which is better known by its popular title. Feb 21, 2016 a quick look on ebay for 1969 nos rambler parts will tell you the facts. Options include functional ram air hood scoop, hurst shifter, heavyduty suspension with sway bar, torque links, staggered rear shocks, power disc brakes. Jan 08, 2018 1969 amc schurst rambler written by marvinheemeyer on jan. Steve foxs 1969 amc hurst scrambler is anything but. Oct 25, 2019 this 1969 hurst performance amc scrambler in a trim is among rarest muscle cars on the planet. Please check the drop down boxes above for the different sizes and shirt colors available. Galvins american motors corporation amc car parts and online catalog.

Original carb for the 1969 hurst sc rambler with 390 v8 4spd. Both cars are listed in the hurst sc rambler registry. Browse photos, see all vehicle details and contact the seller. The complete assembly is designed to fit the following models. It came out of almost nowhere to become one of musclecardoms most visually arresting examples, but the 1969 hurst scrambler didnt stop there. Rockauto ships auto parts and body parts from over 300 manufacturers to customers doors worldwide, all at warehouse prices. Real 1969 hurst sc rambler, only 1,512 made, probably a couple of hundred still around. Specific scr parts if not there be prepared to hand over your checkbook.

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