Dirt late model chassis setup software

On a slick track, you can drop the spring rate to help the car. In this video jon roetman ownerauthor of racers edge books shows you exactly how to use the racers edge race car setup software. Once again, deer creek speedway and kevin stoa engineering will be the official hosts of the school. Download dirt track suspension setup tracker for free. This is not a cure for the erractic movements, but will tone it down. Also dirt tracks offer up inconsistent surfaces, example.

What used to be standard setups are a thing of the past for the top teams competing in dirt late models, modified, and even the stock classes. You may have another type of car but the concepts likely to be similar if compensate for. The more familiar types of race teams which use the program include all touring late model teams including all dirt late models types, au stock classes, sprint. We do not do this but some people like this option. Has anybody tried roll center chassis set up software. As the car rolls and the chassis changes its height, the control arms change angles. Dirt late model colored aluminum roof with capcolors. We offer a wide variety of compounds and builds for many of the sanctioning bodies in dirt oval racing. To be more specific, for a touring dirt late model, car builders have been. The key to dirt late model handling is getting them to turn. Section 2 is the circle track suspension and chassis setup section and is applicable for everything. And im sorry for that, to my loyal readers that have come to the site for the past year since i started this blog.

Home dirt late model crate late model lm bodies partscoversmore. This revolutionary, patented software program will set your race car up. Dirt car setup is undergoing a change, and has been for about five years now. They look the same, they share the same chassis, the racing is just as exciting, and they even sort of sound the same. Dirt track supply is your source for topoftheline race car chassis, components, racing parts, and more. It will setup any dirt car with a double aarm front suspension and a solid axle rear differential type of rear suspension. The ultimate racing car chassis setup guide and tutorial. For more questions, please call our parts department. This software calculates and saves all the important information. This book coincides with the use of the bill mitchell geometry software also a great investment to. If you have any questions while searching through our online shop, please contact us. The focus is mainly the dirt late model and dirt modified race cars, but the general principles i illustrate can be easily supplied to any type of dirt race car or any race car in general. Wondering what all those numbers in the setup file names mean.

I perform the set up process the same way each time and the car doesnt leave the shop until my numbers are exactly right and written down. If there are more than 9 iracing setups available for this cartrack combination, look for the navigation links near the bottom of each page. This program has our roll center calculator completely built in as the front suspension screen. Dynos or absorber torque arm dynos, engine dynos or chassis dynos.

Rodney arndt wrote this guide, and keeps doing it, helping newcomers and beginners. This project is designed to help dirt track teams track their suspension changes over seasons, to help tune suspension setup for different track conditions. Lets use two of the most popular types of dirt cara touring late model and. There is no making up for a lack of racing knowledge given todays level of competition. Tracking, organizing and analyzing data is an important part of staying ahead of the game in your racing hobby or career. Braille super 16 volt lithium circle track battery. On a late model or modified, a standard right rear spring will be 200 or 225. Hoosier racing tires rocket chassis rocket chassis. Boonville, in the nationally known racewise dirt track chassis school will hold one of its threeday chassis schools in southern minnesota on february 911. Longhorn chassis is a dirt late model chassis manufacturer based in trinity, north carolina. A balanced setup is not only one that causes the car to be neutral in handling. If you adjust the springs, use the spring perch offset adjustment to put the ride height back where it was originally, or at least try to adjust the ride heights so that you get the left rear bite back where it was originally.

Based in jonestown, pennsylvania the company manufactures championship and racewinning modified and late model chassis. Simulate, setup, predict and analyze race car performance including late models, modifieds. Crate late models save racers money by cutting costs on the engine, but the key to winning on dirt is dialing in the right suspension setup. It has been my life long search to understand all that i can about dirt track chassis setup. Thecompany has produced two software packages that assist racers in thesetup of their race cars. Car setups if you have a 2016 late model, please give us a call for the setup sheet. This tuning guideline can be used for late models, modifieds or b.

Click on one of the following links to get setup help for your grt racecar. It is sometimes called the panhard bar and is located on the rear of the racecar. Asphalt chassis setup software asphalt race car setup. Our mission at the racewise dirt track chassis school is simple. It is the purchasers responsibility to order the correct products through their personal racing experience. Left rear droop what it does on a dirt late model duration. It comes from choosing the spring rates, moment centers, and load distribution that causes the loading on all four tires. It may be an affront to most dirt racers to say that technological changes that have taken place in asphalt racing have. Windows software program that will help you to setup your asphalt race car for maximum performance and make all four tires work. In 2016, josh richards ran with the world of outlaws late model series.

Chassis setup software see all 15 photos this software is the result of advanced research in race car dynamicsand was designed to help the racer find the optimum base setup forspecific tracks. However, for 2017, josh richards made the move to best performance motorsports as brandon sheppard went over to drive the rocket chassis house car. Randall edwards talks dirt late model setup racing news. I have learned a lot about chassis setup on many different track surfaces with many different types of cars. Grt late model standard car setup sheet grt late model signature series car setup sheet grt modified standard car setup sheet 2012 to current cars. The method used in this program is unique because it gives you the answers you need in order to make the correct decision about your chassis setup. These easy to use sheets not only help you track changes made to your race vehicle but also help you analyze results, making your race wins less of a guessing game. Dirt track racings best kept secrets hogan technologies. Chassis tuning 101 matt murphys dirt oval chassis tuning guide preface over the last 17 years of my life, i have raced dirt oval all over the united states, on foam tires and rubber, hard packed and loose dirt. In this chassis tech article circle track shows how to dial in the right suspension setup for your crate late model, which is the key to winning on dirt circle track magazine. Now do it more easily with free chassis setup sheet downloads from intercomp racing. It will also setup sprintmidget type of cars using a solid axle front and rear suspension. This software lets you to set up your chassis based on the type of track.

Aarm plate a slotted aarm plate allows you to use slugs to make front roll center adjustments at the track giving you another weapon in your adjustment arsenal. The following springshock combinations are recommendations only. Below is the complete list of hoosier racing tires that we offer. For more information concerning the setup of your grt late model or open wheel. This basic tech tip guide gives basic knowledge on left rear tuning, things to.

This video addresses two main problems that teams deal with on a regular basis in dirt late model racing. Autoware autoware inc auto racing reference library. Its about what each chassis is and how its designed. This is a very complete guide about nascar and other oval disciplines. Racers edge race car setup software use on any computer.

Although we may know how adjustments affect the car, we do not always know why the adjustments do what they do. Please read before deciding what changes to make to your chassis all tuning recomendations are based on starting at the baseline setup. We may think we know or we may develop some theory of why they do what they do, but do we really understand. As rex merritt explains, there are few absolute rules for setup. Rocket chassis is a proud hoosier tire dealer in northern west virginia. Computer program to simulate, setup, predict and analyze race car performance including late models, modifieds, sprint cars, midgets, go carts, etc.

Here we have a nice and always evolving resource to understand and manage oval setup adjustments. To be more specific, for a touring dirt late model, car builders have been experimenting with moment. Its easy to go too soft on the right rear, he says. Recommended basic setups landrum performance springs.

Lowering the rf aarm inner pivot raises the front roll center and moves it to the right. It hooks to the left side of the frame and goes across in the shape of a j, which is what gives the part its name. Quick links to hyper racings extensive tech articles, and hypers unique online store. Pointing all four wheels the same direction is the way to find consistency and speed. Landrum performance springs makes no guarantees that these charts will be suitable for each racers needs. We are going to talk about the jbar on a race car today. Lm bodies partscoversmore circle track supply, inc. More importantly, it is a setup that causes all four wheels to work their hardest.

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