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How to crosscompile an sdl application for win32 using linux dana olson 20060408 i wrote this page because i found it very frustrating to find an easy tutorial and uptodate documentation on this topic. Depending on your package management tool, run the following to install sdl2 on linux. How to crosscompile an sdl application for win32 using linux dana olson 20060408 i wrote this page because i found it very frustrating to find an easy tutorial and. On debian, mint, ubuntu and similar distributions, please install libsdl2dev and its. Removed the mir video driver in favor of wayland ios tvos. Youll want to download the mingw development libraries. If you want to install sdl2 with stack, see windows sdl2 is now almost painless via stack, otherwise, see below note. As of this writing, the mingw project does not support any official build of gcc, more recent than gcc3. Projects for these platforms are included with the source.

How to crosscompile with sdl 2 from linux for windows stack. This is unlikely to change, until after an officially supported stable gcc4. Open the gzip archive and there should be a tar archive. You can install the mingw compiler using synaptic or apt. Linux please contact your distribution maintainer for updates. It can be used together with cmake to build a cross platform multimedia application. Cross compiling sdl2 to windows from linux using mingw. A good rule of thumb for linux is the number of cores plus two. Open up the tar archive and the should be a folder called sdl2 2. Installing sdl2 before going any further, we need to install the sdl library. Copy the sdl directory from the appropriate include directory to the mingw \include directory the exact location of which will vary depending on where you installed mingw. However, can i ask this package to be updated to current version 2. I got no errors or anything when installing sdl2 but somehow it just wont compile with the following error. It loads images as sdl surfaces and textures, and supports the following formats.

How to compile to sdl2 application to windows from linux. For some reason, archives created on linux have the encrypted property set when unpacked on windows 2000. Crosscompiling for windows from linux part 2 swarming logic. Mingw64 sdl2 download for linux rpm download mingw64 sdl2 linux packages for centos, fedora, mageia. What i usually do is download the development libraries for mingw32 and put them directly into my project directory. Open the folder and itll contain a bunch of subfolders. After going through this video you should be able to get started programming sdl2 on clion. Mingw cross compiler for linux build environment mingw. Get project updates, sponsored content from our select partners, and more. Some of these installation instructions happen to work with 1.

Oct 29, 20 this tutorial is an update of my previous video for setting up codeblocks mingw and sdl2. If you run your program and it complains that it cant find sdl2. Mingw w64 for 32 and 64 bit windows brought to you by. That means the original sdl2 installation is required for this to work. How to set up sdl2 on windows 10 with clion, mingw for. Copy the contents of the lib subfolder to the mingw lib folder. Mingww64 download, develop and publish free open source. Some of these steps are generic and the information may work generally for.

It can be installed on legacy platforms that sdl2 doesnt support, such as mac os 9 or os2, but settling for 1. Ive got trouble cross compiling sdl2 with the latest and greatest gcc, binutils and mingw w64. Sdl 2 tutorial 1c setup windows and mingw setup youtube. The source code to this release has been signed by sam lantinga. In this blog post i will describe the necessary steps to use sdl2 with cmake on both linux ubuntu 17. How to crosscompile an sdl application for win32 using linux.

For use with code blocks you will want to go in and download the perspective file that has mingw. This document describes how to install sdl v2 on mswindows for use with mingw. Mingw windows port of sdl crossplatform multimedia. The difference is the headers in usrincludesdl2 are for linux.

Sdl2 is the newest version of the simple directmedia layer api. I plan to develop my own simple 2d game engine on top of sdl2 and document my progress periodically. This is my attempt at helping others as well as myself in the future. In my case, it all looked good, so i went ahead with a make install. Please contact your distribution maintainer for updates. Vice vice is an emulator collection which emulates the c64, the c64dtv, the c128, the vic20, practically. The correct project settings are listed in the link below. Scroll down to the development libraries section and download the mingw32 development library. A library for portable lowlevel access to a video framebuffer, audio output, mouse, and keyboard version 2 mingw w64. Installing it using the latest source package, which is distributed for free on softpedia, is easy as pie. Installing sdl for mingw department of computer science jmu. The difference is the headers in usrinclude sdl2 are for linux and libs in usrlib are also for linux, but you need to link to the windows libraries.

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