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At the same time, using the right countersurveillance tactics and techniques, you can elude most forms of physical and electronic eavesdropping. This course is designed to provide skills that will enable anyone from the international traveller to. Mar 15, 2012 regardless of maneuvers or tactics used, the primary objective of the target is to expose surveillance efforts without alerting the surveillance. Counter surveillance equipment against industrial espionage. Surveillance surveillance is the continuous, secretive observation of persons, places, things or objects, in. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Special investigation techniques means techniques applied by law.

Cctv camera pros specializes in supplying dvr security systems that include windows and mac viewer software, as well as mobile apps for iphone, ipad, and android. This field manual provides tactics, techniques, and procedures ttp for reconnaissance and surveillance. Techniques for surveillance and countersurveillance tactics. On the contrary, surveillance is an integral part of u. A primary counter surveillance technique is called bug sweeping, where a certain area, such as a room, is checked for surveillance devices, which may be covert listening devices andor visual surveillance devices. The subject is watched in one phase of his daily routine or for some length of time on one day.

Anti surveillance by the subject they could have a friend accompany them to keep a look out, sitting at cafes or eateries and observing the people moving about them. Current practices in electronic surveillance in the investigation of serious organized crime 1. In all seriousness though, you should have situational awareness that should send red flags up if you need to do counter surveillance tactics. How journalists and activists can identify and counter. Surveillance and countersurveillance for human rights defenders and their organisations 15 chapter 3. Tailing someone on the move 11 physical surveillance. They are intended to check the spys access to confidential information at the selection and collection phases. If surveillance operation coordination or teamleading is what you need, our team would be happy to assist. Surveillance ops counterintelligence surveillance training. Counter surveillance tactics securityinfowatch forums. I might also be inclined to use counter surveillance tactics if i was doing executive protection, or if i was in a high risk country like nigeria or south africa. It provides ttp for the development of intelligence to support counterreconnaissance cr operations. The ability to put together such a highly qualified team is a big reason why deutsche telekom is the first and so far only it security service provider to offer technical surveillance countermeasures for the private sector as certified by the bsi, the german federal office for information security. To better understand what is meant by electronic surveillance, it is useful to break it down into parts.

Techniques for surveillance and countersurveillance. The art of blending in 12 turning the tables on surveillants. The professionals guide to covert surveillance training by peter jenkins history the nine lives of otto katz. Hostile surveillance can be preformed in three different forms. One technique of loose surveillance that has been shown to be quite useful, when you have time and the subject uses a set routine, is progressive surveillance. Attackers deploy according to the information received. Counter surveillance tactics are used by people who are looking to reduce the risk of surveillance or avoid any. Counter surveillance measures refer to all those actions that are taken to combat any type of surveillance. District court for the district of maryland federal court dismisses aclu, wikipedia case against nsas upstream surveillance, 2015. While i think that carrying off duty is just fine, in a case where the guy who you arrested just wants a good, old fashioned fistfight your gun is basically worthless. Surveillance ops instructors and contractors are available to assist with your realworld surveillance and intelligence collection needs. While these tactics range from software for anonymous internet browsing to detoxification supplements for fooling drug tests, what is particularly fascinating is the panoply of artistic projectsand productsto conceal oneself from ambient surveillance in public places.

Another term for a fixed surveillance position is observation post op. Not all surveillance is conducted for nefarious purposes, however. Current practices in electronic surveillance in the investigation of. The counter surveillance route is a preplanned path that aids you in determining whether or not you are currently under surveillance. More specifically, that there are extensive and indiscriminate surveillance efforts across the globe and that as a result, there have been and continue to be violations of fundamental rights which, in turn, raise substantial legal and policy questions. Concepts and practices for fraud, security and crime investigation page 1 surveillance is, quite simply, observations conducted to gain information. Surveillance of premises, vehicles and persons new agen. Oct 01, 2010 you can and should also use these tactics when you travel somewhere new. We can work in the field alongside your surveillance team. Counter surveillance is an often neglected part of close protection training.

Unit descriptor unit descriptor this unit covers the competency required to covertly perform foot surveillance on a subject using appropriate cover, distance and timing to minimise risk of exposure and maintaining subject control. If a surveillance team is observing your principal they are possibly gathering intelligence prior to carrying out an attack or kidnap. Tactics, techniques, and procedures for reconnaissance. The following are the most up to date dvr viewer and other surveillance system software downloads. In a future blog, we ll be looking at counter surveillance equipment and how it can help you improve your privacy and safety. It is geared to collecting information on the environment of our organisation or ourselves, with a view to assessing a possible aggression or simply to compile information on how we proceed and to use it. A comparison of the models and methods of surveillance in east. Countersurveillance refers to measures undertaken to prevent surveillance, including covert surveillance. In this blog, we re going to look at basic, nontechnical counter surveillance. Truly shocking fbi surveillance techniques revealed. Find hidden cameras, rf wireless bugs, hidden gps trackers and more. This simple definition includes a plethora of techniques and methods that can be considered a form of surveillance.

It is geared to collecting information on the environment of our organisation or ourselves, with a view to assessing a possible aggression or simply to. Aug 02, 20 truly shocking fbi surveillance techniques revealed posted by. Attackers select a potential victim and begin collecting information. Diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and given only a few months to live, anand, a budding delhi lawyer, who is obsessed with his own ambition and the. Surveillance surveillance is carried out through many means and always has a goal. A typical surveillance combines the following chain of events. Success in either implementing or avoiding surveillance often depends on how far you are willing to go. Army reconnaissance and surveillance handbook by u. U intelligence gaps ules it is unknown ifany other incidents have occurred involving san diego law enforcement while performing surveillance or duties beingundercover targeted by criminal organizations because of mistaken identity. These mistakes were noted during numerous observations at the training centers and occur regularlyto avoid.

Antisurveillance by the subject can incorporate any number of tactics to determine possible surveillance including the use of various forms of public transport. Fixed surveillance meaning it doesnt move is set up around a targets home, a business, etc. Surveillance, surveillance detection and counter surveillance. The trigger is the surveillance team member who initially alerts the rest of the surveillance team members who will be spread out in a box around the target. This level of surveillance, therefore, is usually only found at the governmental level, as most militant organizations lack the assets and the number of trained personnel required to mount such an operation. The specific goal behind implementing public surveillance technology, however, was to target violent. The surveillant must observe and study the be havior of the subject to discover new tacticsused. This operational phase allows a vehicle surveillance team to affectively monitor or follow a target unawares once the. The united states secret service secret service or usss has created the counter surveillance unit reporting csur database. Countersurveillance may include electronic methods such as technical surveillance counter measures, the process of detecting surveillance devices, including covert listening devices, visual surveillance devices as well as countersurveillance software to thwart unwanted cybercrime, including. Surveillance and countersurveillance for human rights defenders and their organisations 11 countersurveillance is also geared to reversing the effects of surveillance by taking away the anonymity of surveillance and disclosing acts of surveillance and their perpetrators. Lets face it, its impossible to be alert 100% of the time.

Tools and methods to disrupt all forms of electronic surveillance. Surveillance and countersurveillance protection international. There are many types of surveillance detection and today well be continuing to apply concepts and tactics used by personal security detail psd teams, with ways to detect static and mobile surveillance along your routes. At the same time, using the right counter surveillance tactics and techniques, you can elude most forms of physical and electronic eavesdropping. Counter surveillance measures can range from the most basic to highly sophisticated and expensive. Regardless of maneuvers or tactics used, the primary objective of the target is to expose surveillance efforts without alerting the surveillance.

Counter surveillance is a niche specialty service used to combat known intelligence gathering efforts that may be employed against a client. A vehicle surveillance team will make every effort to understand how a target may respond given various circumstances and scenarios. Counter surveillance tactics course green eye tactical. Surveillance and counter surveillance december 1, 2009 5 surveillance. Surveillance continues as the attack is planned and practiced. These massive surveillance practices caused the american civil liberties union to file a lawsuit with the u. Surveillance is also used to confirm your arrival immediately prior to an attack. The remarkable true story of a communist superspy by jonathan miles spies of the first world war. Either way, any surveillance team identified shadowing your principal poses a very significant and immediate threat. This course is designed to provide skills that will enable anyone from the international traveller to the prepper for societal collapse, to operate in a permissive to semipermissive environment. Security personnel place closed circuit tv in retail stores and banks to deter criminals, while police. Countersurveillance is the process of detecting and mitigating hostile surveillance.

Surveillance and counter surveillance for human rights defenders and their organisations 15 chapter 3. Find out if your conversations are being monitored or you are being watched on hidden camera. Puadefin011a perform foot surveillance modification history not applicable. A fair majority of counter surveillance depends upon sophisticated radio frequency rf andor infrared ir detection via either devices dedicated to detecting a single kind of device, such as hidden cameras or audio bugs, or counter surveillance devices designed with versatility to expose several kinds of equipment. United states secret service counter surveillance unit reporting database page 1. Surveillance and countersurveillance whether terrorists are attempting to assassinate a highranking government. Counter surveillance tools for personal and business security. Surveillance and countersurveillance for human rights defenders and their organisations 1. Cell phone tracking allows location identification and usage data to be accessed by a professional investigator. The assailant chooses a possible victim and start gathering.

Electronic surveillance manual procedures and case law forms. Once youre familiar with route surveys youll be able to incorporate counter surveillance techniques and other tactics to maintain a good overall security posture when you travel. Mthough the surveillant is taught during training some of the tactics used by violators to detect and elude surveillance, actual exp. For good and for evil 7 the spread of technological surveillance 8 physical surveillance. This manual was prepared by the electronic surveillance unit, office of enforcement operations, criminal division, and is designed primarily to assist federal prosecutors and investigative agents in the preparation of electronic surveillance applications made pursuant to title 18, united states code, sections 25102522 2001 title iii and. Counter surveillance techniques are intended to combat the harmful impact of surveillance tactics. Jul 08, 2015 more advanced tactics aid you in determining who is pulling surveillance on you. Fixed surveillance allows operatives to document the locations of security cameras, shift.

The counter surveillance and threat detection course is designed to teach the principles and techniques necessary to detect surveillance, threats, and communicate undetected in urban areas. They are unlikely to move when you leave your location as that may draw attention to themselves. Debugging services provide counterintelligence tactics to rid a location of monitoring activity. Jun 06, 2007 a massive surveillance operation, however, requires an organization with vast assets and a large number of welltrained operatives.

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