Acard ans 9010 ddr2 ram drive software

Ram disks were a software solution back then, so they used memory already plugged into. For a lot less than the price of the ans9010, with battery backup, a flash drive for when the batterys getting low and 32 or 64gb ddr2 8x4gb or 8x8gb, you could get the intel 32 or 64gb ssd. The main advantage of a ram drive over an ssd or hard drive is for. The acard drives seek speed will beat any movingparts drive by a mile, but in most other tests the. It is sometimes referred to as a virtual ram drive or software ram drive to distinguish it from a hardware ram drive that uses separate hardware containing ram, which is a type of battery. Note that the ocz zdrive ssd, spotted by madshrimps at cebit, scored around 40. Hyperos software which swaps ram contents to a different drive or backup battery.

The hyperdrive interfaces with and is recognized by computer systems as a. Introduced in late 2008, it has several features that put it several notches above the iram. Ans9010 randomaccess memory primary storage or volatile memory that a computers software is treating as if the memory were a disk drive secondary storage. Yes, i do plan to get one for my vmware services, but not for unraid. Id like to see 2x 9010b in raid0, instead of the integrated 9010 raid0. From when your items ship, products typically arrive within 1 working day for north island deliveries and 2 working days for south island deliveries. Quick and dirty diy expander for pci slots power only for gigabyte iram pci ssds. Can you add different kinds of memory older with newer. One of the first affordable ramdisk was the iram introduced by gigabyte in 2005.

In fact, on my system, data resides on ram cards and programs on the c drive. Its called a ahem ram disk and uses system memory as if it were a drive with a software driver. Slot protection adapter ddr3 for both ddr2 and ddr3 platform shoes for your ram sticks. Hyperdrive 5 is also sold as acard ans9010, outside of the uk. Rural deliveries may take an extra working day, and bulk deliveries may take an extra 24 working days. Ans9010b ans9010b ans9010bram ans9010bcf 3ans9010b ddr2 ram slot pin detail ddr2 ram slot 240 pin detail ans9010bram acard 9010 ans9010b 7.

Save now when you buy the acard ans9010b ddr2 ram hyperdrive sataii ans9010b. A ramdisk allows for faster transfer speeds than traditional idesata hard drives and usbesata flash drives. Yeh the acards ans9010 was a beast i always thought it was a shame they never. Ramdisks offer a speedy random access rate and shorter access time, and are bestsuited for graphic designers and database systems. Ans9010 ram disk id like to thank acard technology for allowing me to test this product. An example of this sort of solution is the acard ans9010a, a 5. There is a battery so there is always power to it so what is saved to it never gets lost. Buy acard ans9010 dynamic ssd sata 3gtoddr2 ram disk drive ram module not including. Software 1 storage 72 enclosures 4 flash storage 0 hard drives 40 2.

The shifting sands of ssds how to spot a psychopath. Acards ans9010 serial ata ram disk the tech report. Please refer to compatibility list for ddr2 ram module automatic data backuprestore between ddr2 memory and cf card builtin lithium battery. Apparently, the ddr2 used in the acard ans9010 is indeed a bit better than the ddr than gigabytes iram. Not that much is included in the package, however everything you need to get started is included, except for the ddr2 memory, of course. For desktop consumers less waiting and more doing with pccompatible desktop. In 2009, acard technology produced the acard ans9010ba 5. This is a video of my desktop computer performing a cold boot with my new hyperdrive5 also known as the acard ans9010 with 8gb of ram installed. The first software ram drive for microcomputers was invented and written by jerry karlin in the uk in 197980.

There are various software solutions, such as ramdisk. What is a ram disk, and how you can set one up makeuseof. You can also take a look at the acard ans9010 ddr2 sata ramdrive. Acard says module densities up to 8gb are supported, bringing the drives total capacity potential up to an impressive 64gb. The nuisance is software that refuses to be adequately grabby about actually using the ramunless you bodge. That is a 514 bay box with 8x ddr2 dimm slots and 2x sata2 interface port. The 2x sata2 ports let you split the ramdisk in two and raid0 them for additional throughput. Ramdisk software creates a virtual drive using the available main memory. Acard ans9010 ans9010 ddr2 sata ram disk drive that, is a 5. A cheaper version of the hyperdrive5, with only one sata2 port and 6 ddr2 slots, so that memory is limited to 48 gb. Ans9010 and ans9010b ram disc some time ago gigabyte company released the devices i ram, which allow to use memory modules as hard drive. To open the box, you need to remove the screws in the four corners. Since the first time i played with a gigabyte iram, ive been patiently waiting for something to come along that would take advantage of newer technologies, like ddr2 and the faster sata standard.

Then acard came out with a cool device, the ans9010. So even if youve got eight 2gb ddr2 modules just sitting around and so can populate an ans9010 to a goodenoughforabootdrive 16gb for free, itll still cost you an easy 1. Supports up to 64gb amount of memory supports eccnonecc ddr2 400533667800 automatic data backuprestore between ddr2 memory and cf card builtin lithium battery led. A ram drive also called a ram disk is a block of randomaccess memory primary storage or volatile memory that a computers software is treating as if the memory were a disk drive secondary storage.

Software 1 storage 73 enclosures 4 flash storage 0 hard drives 41 2. Frankly, for the price, i would spend the funds on a high powered server board that takes very large amounts of ram. After a lot a debating the issue of ssds, trying a few, i went ram drive with the ans9010 with 8x4gb for a total of 32gb ram. You just need to get a second card and set the two cards up as a raid 0 set. The ddrdrive x1, acards ans9010 and gigabytes iram are all examples of solutions that failed to gain acceptance. This allows me to easily replace c drive files should they become corrupted. Hola, i need some help figuring out some settings either in my os or my raid card wich is an areca1231ml 4gb. The acard ans9010 is the latest affordable ramdisk. The estimated time to ship for each product we sell is detailed on the individual product page just underneath the price. Utilizing this motherboards onboard raid software i created a raid 0 array. Those results were from a virtual twodrive config running off our test systems ich7r south bridge raid controller. Product wish ddr3 based ramdisk pcie card avr freaks. Whats the difference between hard drive and memory. Hyperdrive 5m is sold as acard ans9010b, outside of the uk.

Few other vendors released similar products, such as acard ans9010b. Note that we also have a set of raid 0 results for the ans9010 ram disk. A ram drive is a block of randomaccess memory that a computers software is treating as if the. You choose its size depending on the amount of ram in your system, drive letter, and. Busting the ans9010 open reveals eight 240pin ddr2 dimm slots. Hyperdrive hd is a series of rambased solidstate drives invented by accelerated logic. Acards ans9010 serial ata ram disk tuolla jotakin vastaavasta 8 palikkamallista ei b. Acard ans9010 ram disk testing results techpowerup. I do remember around 2005 or 2006, there was a second generation of these iram disks that supported up to 8gb of ddr2, but again, sadly it only supported satai, even though sataii already existed at that point, so im not sure what the reasoning was to continue on with satai at that point. The acard ans9010 is a solid state sata ramdrive made of several ddr2 memory modules. However, it also highlights the devices shortcomings, including the fact that ssds are more practical for most applications. Allone hopes their cloud disk drive 101 offers performance that cant be overlooked.

At the beginning of this month acard taiwan company reported its intentions to begin in august the deliveries of ans9010 and ans9010b devices, which allow to place data on 68 memory modules ddr2. It does not support buffered nor registered ddr2 sdram dimm. The iram was limited to 4gb of ddr memory and sata 1. Drive controller is switched to taiwanese asic, instead of the xilinx spartan fpgaatmel array. Ddr2 ram today is only good for one thing wall ornament. By purchasing a ram card you can reduce the size of your c drive as well as store irreplaceable files out of harms way.

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